Trying new chips!

I just tryed some new lays chips. The flavors I tried included:

Bacon Mac and cheese

Capachino.  (Coffe flavored)

Mango salsa

Here are my reveiws from the chips.

Bacon mac and cheese: BEST CHIPS OUT OF THE 3!! Oh mah god! At first you taste a yummy bowl of Mac and cheese, then chedder. Then at the end you get a smoky bacon flavor.( note for vegetarians: NO BACON INCLUDED, :))

Capachino: It reminds me of a churro. Right when you open the bag you smell coffe. (Note:No coffe actually used in the product) When you bite it, you taste a sweet a cinnamon taste.

Mango salsa: Right when you open the bag, you smell STRAIGHT UP mango!( There may be some mango In it so check witn your doctor if your Alergic to mangos!) You bite in the chip, mango is all you  taste! I personally dont like mango so if your a mango lover, you’ll love these chips!

Overall, I vote mac and cheese,  a 10. Capachino, 4. And mango salsa, -0

Be sure to check out to vote for YOUR favorite!

Thats about it. Comment down below what I should reveiw next. Thanks everyone!



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